What It Means to Be a Language Professional

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Working as a language professional is about more than translating or interpreting a set of words from one language to another. 

Though the acute technical skills required to be a translator and/or interpreter are important to master, they are not the only type of skills you need to be a successful language professional.

Passion for Your Work

Being a language professional also means living your passion for language. You love your languages, you live them, you breathe them, and you continue to learn about them.

It is important to continuously learn & master skills surrounding translation and interpreting. This includes advanced English skills, business skills, technical skills with software, and lifestyle skills. 

Continuing your education and strengthening these skills, shows your dedication and passion for doing what you love, and doing it well. This combined with developing a hard work ethic will naturally attract more business as you gain more experience.

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Connection, Conexión, Verbindung, Connexion

During your linguistic journey, you will find that the ability to connect to others – clients, employers, peers – is an essential skill to develop and continue improving. 

Everyone needs connection to others to live healthy and happy lives. As a language professional, you will experience human connection, and worldly connection. 

Essentially, your career is based on providing connection between other people from all over the world and providing this personal service to others is personally and professionally rewarding.     


Successful language professionals are compassionate towards their clients and peers. This compassion reveals itself in your work as a translator & interpreter when you make it your mission to communicate the right message.

For example, you may perform medical interpreting for patients at doctor appointments. 

This important work allows patients to communicate their symptoms accurately and enables doctors to provide the correct treatment of those ailments. Without a qualified interpreter, that patient would struggle to obtain proper medical treatment. 

Aiding patients is just one example of doing compassionate work. Many clients need legal interpreting, business interpreting, translation of official documents to gain citizenship or work in a new country, translation of school records to attend university, and so much more.

It takes a compassionate and qualified language professional to serve clients, and truly make the world a better place.

The ILP Possibilities

If you are bilingual or multilingual, and looking to use your gift of language to begin a career as a translator and/or interpreter, start with subscribing to Institute of Language Professionals (ILP). 

ILP will prepare you for a successful career as a language professional as you complete courses on utilizing your tool set, business, translation, interpreting, English skills, lifestyle aspects of being a freelance language professional, and much more. 

Job demand for translators & interpreters is skyrocketing, and continues to grow.  Your linguistic journey begins today! 

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What It Means to Be a Language Professional