About us

You are, or want to be, a successful language professional. You may wake up some mornings worrying about finding new clients, having enough work, or landing your very first job, getting paid on time, staying competitive and still having time for your family and the simple pleasures of life. 

You are busy, yet you need to grow and learn. When you think about investing the precious little free time you have, enrolling into a long term, regimented college program may not sound like the best idea. You need to stay in control of your time and your ability to earn a living while you learn.

The Institute for Language Professionals is a learning haven that offers all you need to stay up to date at the pace that best fits your schedule and needs.

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Why ILP? People who love languages - translators, editors, writers, interpreters - have always been the pillars of the language business. Without you, your talents, your hard work and dedication, the industry would not be making the vast advances we have experienced in the last decade or so. We realize how hard it is to compete with other translators, language services providers and new technologies. Here at ILP we understand your desire to learn and grow and give you the edge you need to succeed.

What does ILP do for you? ILP offers a wealth of practical, specialized information you can benefit from right away. Browse through lessons, tutorials, practice sheets, and videos. Engage in forums or sign up for a webinar. New content is added on a regular basis. Come hang out for the day or just read a few tips over morning coffee. Find information when you need it, whether you need to bid on a new assignment or improve a particular skill. Become a member and enjoy an unlimited, all-access pass for a low monthly or annual fee.

Who is behind ILP? ILP was created by a team of translators, linguists, writers, and language lovers with many years of experience in this fascinating industry. Through our affiliation with Teneo Linguistics Company we are also consumers and buyers of translation services who work with language professionals on a daily basis. This blend of passion for languages and knowledge of the inner workings of the market uniquely position us to share our expertise with you.

Being bilingual is no longer enough to succeed as a language professional. Access new professional skills and place them in your toolbox, so you can be one step ahead and lead the way in this ever-changing industry. Only ILP knows exactly what you need and has put the pieces together to provide you with the best learning environment. With ILP, all roads lead to your success and career security.